Frequently Asked Questions

Jabberites is a social site where the users (over 13 years old) can make a profile, connect with friends and colleagues, and use our Concept Cast tool.

Concept Casts enable the users (who are called Jabberites on our site) to get creative, and share information in a unique way.

Pick any topic to do with work or play, develop picture collages, then add our ccPins to the collages. The ccPins allow Jabberites to deepen other people’s understanding of the images and concepts shown by adding text, videos and tutorials.

Choose to share the Concept Cast with friends, publically on Jabberites or through your other social networking sites.

A Concept Cast is an interactive image.  Jabberites create image collages and then add pins, which when hovered over or clicked pop-up to show text, video, audio, and images.

Jabberites use Concept Casts to creatively share any information with friends, work, classes, teachers, the world and other social networking sites.

Some examples of how Jabberites can use Concept Casts include; casting for work, talents, hobbies, news reports, charities, world culture, cultural events, art work, to annotate timelines graphs and maps, present ideas, book/film reviews and even to flip the classroom!

Use the videos and Concept Casts below to learn how!

Type the topic into the search box.

You need to know the usernames of your friends to find them.  Type the username of the friend you want to find into the search box.  When the box opens with the search results, click on the 'Users' tag.  You can then click on the User and request their friendship.

Please note: Only accept friend requests of people you know and have agreed to connect with on Jabberites.  Do not accept friend requests from strangers.

  • If you don't want to be friends with the user anymore, you can block the user by clicking on the 'Friends' button, clicking on the 'Block users' tab and then typing the name of the user into the box.
  • If the user is sending you inappropriate or threatening messages or materials, please report the user immediately by emailing  We do not tolerate bullying - people using this site in such a way will have their accounts terminated.

Concept Casting relies on images and videos. All Jabberites must respect copyright laws.

1. All images are automatically subjected to copyright laws unless it clearly states otherwise.

2. All images on the internet will tell you if they can be reused and to what extent. This information is usually below the image.

3. If below the image it states "All Rights Reserved" it is subjected to some degree of copyright laws.

4. Violating copyright is illegal and can close businesses down.

5. There are varying degrees of copyright; You can use public domain images, some sites such as Flickr use a term called Copyleft and Share alike to show you can use the image. Some images are marked by a CC which stands for Creative Commons, these have restricted use. Often in the case of education, these images can be used. Sometime the owner just wants recognition in the form of a link back to their site.

If you cannot find an image at all that is free to use, consider making or taking your own.