Curiosity Rover Drills on Mars

by criley on February 12, 2013


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The Ohio man convicted of holding three women captive in his Cleveland house over a decade and...- 1:42 pm
Air Methods today took charge of fielding the most vital 911 calls today, nearly a year after...- 10:42 am
Today, the Lee County Sheriff's Office Traffic Unit will target at least one of three locations for...- 5:43 am
Keep cool this summer with a paddle trip along a shady inland creek or bayside mangrove tunnel.- 9:22 pm
Program will help researchers manufacture superior prosthetic limbs <a href=>Christian Louboutins UK Shoes</a> for scuba divers.- 11:02 pm
It's always exciting when the world acknowledges our beautiful beaches. Last week, U.S.- 9:21 pm
Nolan Henke, who performed a variety of tasks at the Nolan Henke/Patty Berg Junior Masters...- 6:42 am
Rookie safety Earl Wolff was having a conversation recently with Kenny Phillips, who spent five...- 12:17 am
Lee County Domestic Animal Services reports two men have been cited in separate bestiality cases involving dogs.

Dennis Griffin, of North Fort Myers, was cited for an incident that occurred in October 2012, according to a Lee <a href=>Ferragamo Men's Shoes</a> County Domestic Animal Services release.

Thomas Linville, a transient, was charged under Florida statute for an incident that occurred July 20.

Both cases involved witnesses who reported the incidents to authorities, according to the release.

The Lee County Sheriffs Office used a search warrant to remove Griffins dog from his home. Animal Services took custody of the animal. Linville chose to voluntarily surrender his dog to Animal Services.

Lee County ordinance and Florida statute prohibit bestiality, and Animal Services considers crimes of this nature to be particularly cruel and disturbing, according to the release.

Anyone with information regarding animal abuse is asked to call Animal Services at 239-533-7387. To be eligible to receive a reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible, contact Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS.
Full text of the Florida Statute and Lee County Ordinance that prohibit bestialityFlorida Statute 828.126 - Sexual activities involving animals

As used in this section, the term: Sexual conduct means any touching or fondling by a person, either directly or through clothing, of the sex organs or anus of an animal or any transfer or transmission of semen by the person upon any part of the animal for the purpose of sexual gratification or arousal of the person. Sexual contact means any contact, however slight, between the mouth, sex organ, or anus of a person and the sex organ or anus of an animal, or any penetration, however slight, of any part of the body of the person into the sex organ or anus of an animal, or any penetration of the sex organ or anus of the person into the mouth of the animal, for the purpose of sexual gratification or sexual arousal of the person.

A person may not: Knowingly engage in any sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal; Knowingly cause, aid, or abet another person to engage in any sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal; Knowingly permit any sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal to be conducted on any premises under his or her charge or control; or Knowingly organize, promote, conduct, advertise, aid, abet, participate in as an observer, or perform any service in the furtherance of an act involving any sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal for a commercial or recreational purpose.

A person who violates this section commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

This section does not apply to accepted animal husbandry practices, conformation judging practices, or accepted veterinary medical practices.

Lee County Ordinance 88-49 C. It shall be unlawful for any person or owner or group of persons to inflict pain, suffering, bloodletting or death of an animal for sacrificial purposes, including consumption during a sacrifice ceremony, and for any person to molest or penetrate any animal or use the body parts of an animal for sexual gratification.

Sources: Florida Statutes and Lee County Ordinances
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Lee County men cited in bestiality cases
Lee County Domestic Animal <a href=>christianlouboutinshoes2013.inf... Services reports two men have been cited in separate bestiality cases involving dogs.

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20170909 leieli3915

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Napoli Transfer News <a href=>Ferragamo Women Shoes</a> 2013: Pepe <a href=>China NFL Jerseys</a> Reina Claims To Be Grateful To Liverpool Despite Controversial Comments
Liverpool's Pepe Reina reacts after Manchester City's Sergio Aguero scored during their English Premier League soccer match at The Etihad Stadium in Manchester, northern England February 3, 2013.



Napoli goalkeeper Pepe Reina claims that he is not upset with club Liverpool despite incendiary comments he made about his former club earlier this month.

"I'm not angry with Liverpool - quite the opposite. I am very grateful to them for everything they have given me," he said during an interview with Spanish radio show El Larguero according to ESPN. "My departure was different to what I expected, but I will always be grateful Christian <a href=>China NFL Jerseys</a> Louboutin Heels to them.
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"This is the nature of football - when you are loved by a team, you really feel it, but when you go through bad moments, you are treated differently. In the end I will remember the love I felt from the fans for <a href=>christianlouboutinshoes2013.inf... so many years," he added. "My time in England is where I have felt truly like a footballer and I have put my name among the best players. I'm very proud to have played almost 400 games with Liverpool.

"I'll remember the friends I made in and outside the dressing room. Trophies stay in the cabinet gathering dust, but friends are for life."

Back in late July, Reina wrote an open letter on his website regarding his transfer to Napoli.

"It is only natural that I would be disappointed that the Liverpool management agreed to loan me to Napoli without telling me first. I thought that I deserved better than that even though I understand that difficult decisions have to be taken in football," Reina wrote. "A lot has been made about me informing the club that if an offer came in from Barcelona that I would have liked them to consider it. But I had also spoken to the club about the possibility of extending my contract if the offer was not made."

"I told the manager that I wanted to play for Liverpool and that Barcelona would only become an option for me if the opportunity arrived, like the rumors said it would, as it would be a chance for me to go back home," he added. "When it didn't come, I was happy to fight for my place - so I was surprised that Liverpool decided it was in the club's interests to send me to Napoli instead."

Reina <a href=>Cheap Nike Jerseys</a> is on loan with Napoli and his rights are still owned by Liverpool. He has played with the English side since 2005.

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Aug 09, 2013 12:05 pm
How can individual investors incorporate sustainability into their own investment approach?
My previous post on sustainable investing introduced the concept and concluded that making sustainability a focus or a part <a href=>Mbt Sko Salg</a> of your investment criteria can help reduce risk, while generating better risk-adjusted returns. In fact, earlier this year, Harvard University agreed to create a senior position at its investment management arm to consider the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) aspect of its holdings. (Source: The Boston Globe, Business Section, Article: New VP will scrutinize Harvard s investments February 19, 2013 by Todd Wallack). But a question remains: How can individual investors incorporate sustainability into their own investment approach?
The truth is that sustainability is a broad concept that varies greatly by individual. And this means that implementing a standardized practical approach can be difficult. That said, a good first step might be to consider the current environmental, social, and corporate governance record of your holdings. Evaluate what plans or strategies each company (holding) has in place to address issues such as resource scarcity, environmental degradation and social injustice.
By analyzing a company s ESG strategies, we can gain insight into their willingness and ability to plan for both the present and the future. Facing challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, and demographic and social shifts, companies that plan accordingly should be able to reduce risk over time, lower the cost of capital, and improve both <a href=>Mbt Sko nettsalg</a> short-term and future risk-adjusted performance. On the <a href=>Elite NFL Jerseys</a> contrary, a company with inadequate or poor ESG strategies suggests that performance in the short term may be at the expense of acceptable long-term performance. (Source: Sustainability in Investment, We Need a Bigger Boat, August 2012, Towers Watson)
In addition to evaluating ESG factors, I like to look at a company s ability to innovate. Does <a href=>Mbt Sko Salg</a> management have a track record of being able to effectively change course, break with past practices in order to deliver new products, <a href=>Ferragamo Men's Shoes</a> and processes and drive internal change? A company that demonstrates an ability to innovate and change suggests that they take an intergenerational approach to delivering value, thus a more a sustainable investing approach.
For a long time investors have been able to ignore sustainability factors when developing an investment plan. In fact, I am sure that many investors will continue to generate excellent above market returns without considering the sustainability of the businesses in which they invest. However, as the world continues to change at an ever increasing pace, I believe that those companies with transformational sustainability strategies and risk management frameworks will outperform, while those that attempt to survive by continuing to adapt incrementally will simply be unable <a href=>Mbt Sandaler Sale</a> to keep up.
This article by Joshua Schroeder was originally published on See It Market.
Trading Radar (weekly)
Your road map to all the events that will effect financial markets in the week ahead.

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As a potent new force, social media is incredibly soaring up in recent years and grasps the world focus within a rather considerably short time. Huge changes brought by social media is now happening in daily life that optimizing the way of communication into a faster, more convenient and more effective mode.

Furniture China initially put forward mobile app last year as a pioneer of doing show promotion that makes wise use of it in the furniture expo scope. This year we better the app to provide considerate visitor guidance and to elevate service throughout the whole exposition process: before, during and even after the furniture show.

The newly enhanced app of Furniture China 2013 has powerful functions as well as visitor-friendly features. Trade visitors can easily download the app from the official website or more promptly acquired it via scanning QR code in printings and other available media.

[url= target="_blank"][img][/img][/url](for both iPhone & Android)
*If you downloaded APP for Furniture China before, please delete the old version before you install the new APP.

Prior to the furniture expo commence, fair details of time and location, onsite events and activities, latest fair news and updated furniture e-journal will be uploaded onto the app. The information are expected to be more resourceful with show date approaching. The app also provides visitors with an additional simple way of pre-registration.

During the expo, the app can be a competent show guider in offering floor plan for knowing the panorama of the furniture show. Furthermore, attendees may easily locate certain exhibitors by merely doing a few finger-clicks on the mobile phone screen to know the exhibiting hall and the exact booth where their interested exhibitors are situated. In addition, if the buyers are fond of one or several exhibitors, the app make it easier for them to collect valued information like important discuss recording, excellent product photographing together with text memo. More user-friendly designs are possessed with the app in terms of arranging the fair touring schedule in a flexible way according to the visitors, with prompt reminders to inform them of the scheduled itinerary.Contents of app will remain fresh concurrently with the show going. There’s no denying that the app also served as a helpful assistant even after the show conclusion, as the exhibitors’ detailed information can be reviewed on app for sake of further business possibilities.

The use of social media is not limited only to the social interactions among individuals, but rather got fully utilized in the line of business domain gradually.

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Dennis Wierzbicki/USA [url=]Ferragamo Shoes[/url] TODAY SportsJon Bostic has not played like an intimidated rookie. Rather, he could end up starting at middle linebacker. CHICAGO -- There has been no shortage of memorable plays in Chicago Bears middle linebacker Jon Bostic's young NFL career.<br><br>One week after returning an interception for a touchdown in the preseason opener against the Carolina Panthers, Bostic was at it again Thursday night in his Solider Field debut, delivering a vicious hit to San Diego Chargers wide receiver Mike Willie on a short pass on the third play of the second half. The force of the impact caused Willie to drop the ball, resulting in an incompletion.<br><br>"Obviously, it was a big hit," Bostic said. "We were trying to take the ball away, that's the main thing. I kind of read it kind of quick because of something we had on up front. It was a big hit. But we were trying to take the ball out, but we didn t get it."<br><br>Bostic said he wasn't sure if it was the biggest hit of his [url= Mbt Sko[/url] career.<br><br>"I haven't seen it [a replay of the hit] yet," Bostic said.<br><br>Like the rest of the rookie class, Bostic's overall preseason body of work has included some bad sprinkled in with the good. But there is something to be said when a first-year player is able to contribute impact plays in the preseason.<br><br>Although the organization's original plan called for veteran D.J. Williams to start the season at middle linebacker, it's going to be difficult [url=]Ferragamo Men's Shoes[/url] to move Bostic out of the spot, even if Williams returns in the next week from a severe [url=]Ferr... Women Sunglasses[/url] calf injury that has sidelined him since the beginning of training camp.<br><br>Is Bostic ready to line up at middle linebacker for the Bears in the regular-season opener against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sept. 8?<br><br>"Only time will tell," Bostic said. "I have a long way to go. I'm not satisfied with where I'm at. I need to keep learning. You just have to make sure you keep improving."<br><br>Bostic wisely gave the politically correct and modest answer, but veteran defensive end Corey Wootton wholeheartedly endorsed the idea of the second-round pick [url= Sko nettsalg[/url] starting the season on the first-team defense.<br><br>"He's [url=]China NFL Jerseys[/url] done a great job stepping up so far as a rookie," Wootton said. "Most guys coming in are timid, but not him. He's coming downhill, shocking and locking these linemen out and making plays. It's pretty incredible to see a rookie do that."

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コーチバッグではない単に見栄え [url=]converse[/url] だけでなく、クラスを追加する度それ [url=]コンバース オールスター[/url] によって、あなたのめる生活ためレベルを高 [url=]コンバース ハイカット[/url] 自信の良い標準量。大多数の女性 [url=]コンバース スニーカー[/url] 女性は出てだけ行うことができな [url=][/url] converse いコーチのバッグやハンドバッグ [url=]diesel 時計[/url] しばらく彼ら あなた。これは、さら [url=]ディーゼル ジーンズ[/url] にあなたの量後押しするように自 [url=]diesel 腕時計[/url] 信をあなたが終了します運ぶ確かつまり完璧コーチバッグトレン [url=][/url] ディーゼル ジーンズ ドで、これらの日。 にあなたも感じることが世界として [url=]オークリー アウトレット[/url] あなたがいるあなたが行ってきたと確信して [url=]オークリー サングラス[/url] 適切事。したがって、彼らは非常に幸 [url=]オークリー サングラス アウトレット[/url] せな顧客がある世界中の彼らの品質の [url=][/url] オークリー アウトレット 商品を使用してまたとある非常に満足しています。あ [url=]コーチ アウトレット[/url] なたは、賛辞の負荷を得るどこ行く [url=]coach 財布[/url] 安い価格で提供されるで提供そのような [url=]coach バッグ[/url] スタイリッシュなバッグで。安いコーチの [url=][/url] coach 財布 バッグ、ハンドバッグや財布、そうする [url=]オークリー サングラス[/url] ことができますす選択をし、いくつかのメーカーのブランド名ブランド [url=]オークリー ゴーグル[/url] がありまあなたの最も好きなブランド [url=]オークリー アウトレット[/url] タイプ作る。 これらのほとんどのこれらのタイプオンライン割引部門の [url=][/url] オークリー サングラス 様々なの選択 またはもオークションサ [url=]コーチ アウトレット[/url] イトでは、ハンドバッグや財布販売価格。しかし、これらの本物 [url=]コーチ バッグ 激安[/url] のオークションは Webサイトエレガン [url=]コーチ 財布 激安[/url] トなバッグを提供しています同じように排他的なブランド [url=][/url] コーチ アウトレット のアウトレット。 converse diesel 時計 オークリー アウトレット coach バッグ オークリー アウトレット コーチ 財布 激安

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Carson Palmer#3 QB6' 5", 235 lbsArizona CardinalsBornDec 27, 1979 in Fresno, CA (Age: 33)Drafted 2003: 1st Rnd, 1st by CINExperience11 yearsCollegeUSC2012 Season
86.229,465189Complete Stats
Go to
Carson PalmerPlayer ProfileStatsSplitsGame LogVideosPhotosNEXT GAMEU of Phoenix StadiumSat, Aug 24<br>10:00 PM ETSan Diego<br>(0-2)@Arizona<br>(1-0)Intel Conversation Tickets
SPLITS CMPATTYDSCMP%AVGLNGTDINTRATNo statistics available.Complete Splits
Larry Fitzgerald/Carson Palmer ConvoVIDEO PLAYLIST Larry Fitzgerald/Carson Palmer ConvoNFC West Preview
STATS CMPATTYDSCMP%AVGTDLNGINTFUMQBRRAT2012 [url=]S... Ferragamo Men's Bags[/url] Regular Season3455654,01861.17.11226414744.785.3Career2,5684,11029,46562.57.171897813051-86.2Complete Stats
GAME LOGPASSINGRUSHINGDATEOPPRESULT CMPATTYDSCMP%AVGLNGTDINTQBRRATATTYDSAVGLNGTDPreviously with OAK, Acquired by ARISun 12/23@ CARL 6-173331100.010.33220064.6109.7000.000Sun 12/16vs KCW 15-0182918262.16.28190055.780.0242.020Thu 12/6vs DENL 13-26193027363.39.10582134.2101.11-1-1.0-10Sun 12/2vs CLEL 17-20345435163.06.50642162.486.3133.030Sun 11/25@ CINL 10-34193414655.94.2926114.664.1000.000Complete Game Log
FANTASY FOOTBALL"playerId":4459,"percentChange":6.3,"averageDraftPosition":132.3,"percentOwned":33.5,"mostRecentNews":"news":"Palmer looked good in his first appearance as a Cardinal, completing 4-of-6 passes for 77 yards and a touchdown in Friday's preseason contest against the Packers.","spin":"Palmer struggled to move the Cardinals on his first two drives but finished the night with a flawless 38-yard touchdown strike to Andre Roberts. While the Arizona running game [url=]Ferragamo Sale[/url] couldn't get off the [url=]S... Ferragamo Men's Bags[/url] ground, Palmer and the passing attack looked just fine.","date":"Fri Aug 9","fullName":"Carson Palmer","pointsSEASON":214,"seasonOutlook":"outlook":"Palmer will never be the player he was from '05 to '07. His arm has never fully bounced back from a serious '08 elbow injury, he holds the football too long and takes too many shots, and his decision making is now perennially suspect. He moves from [url=]Ferragamo Men's Shoes[/url] Oakland to Arizona, where at least he's got a potential Hall-of-Fame WR in Larry Fitzgerald. But he'll play behind an O-line that's inexperienced at best, and new head coach Bruce Arians will almost certainly wish he could have the six-years-ago version of Palmer's throwing [url=]Ferragamo Men's Shoes[/url] arm. Expect interceptions and inconsistency.","seasonId":2013,"date":"Fri May 31","positionRank":18,"projectedPoints":221

FBO: The race for Jadeveon Clowney
Jadeveon Clowney is the favorite to go first overall in the 2014 NFL draft. Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders takes a look at where he could land.

about 15 hours ago | Aaron Schatz | Football Outsiders

ESPN Radio
Mark Schlereth and Freddie Coleman countdown the top five story lines from the NFC West with help from Mike Sando of In this edition we get numbers five and four.

about 3 days [url=]China NFL Jerseys[/url] ago | ESPN Radio

Jahnke: Top 10 rising snap-count stars
Pro Football Focus takes a look at the top 10 rising snap-count stars for the upcoming fantasy football season. Although they may not have had much value in 2012, you shouldn't sleep on them in 2013.

about 7 days ago | Nathan Jahnke | Pro Football Focus

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The Giants have the day off today, but we're going to hear from an old friend. <br><br>Ahmad Bradshaw will speak with reporters later this morning in a conference call to talk about life with the Colts, who play the Giants on Sunday. <br><br>The Giants released Bradshaw in the offseason when they were cutting salaries and moving in a different direction. It was a tough decision all the way around, because the Giants and Bradshaw have much love for one another. Come back to the blog later today to see what Bradshaw had to say. <br><br>In case you missed it: Antrel Rolle has already shed his walking boot. That didn't take long! <br><br>Terrell Thomas' latest comeback is progressing. He has been testing his knee by covering Victor Cruz in the slot. <br><br>Tom Coughlin took his team bowling to build chemistry. <br><br>Check out yesterday's practice report.<br><br>Henry Hynoski is still aiming for a Week 1 return. <br><br>Tom Quinn discusses the state of the special teams.
Tags:New York Giants, Tom Coughlin, Terrell Thomas, Antrel Rolle, Ahmad Bradshaw, Victor Cruz

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Antrel Rolle doesn't mess around when it comes to injuries. <br><br>The New York Giants safety has played with torn rotator cuffs and a "jacked-up" knee over the past couple of seasons. So even though he said he felt "one of the worst pains that I felt probably in my lifetime" when he sprained his right ankle Monday, Rolle had shed his protective walking boot by Wednesday. <br><br>"Boots are for the wimps, man. I'm not a wimp," Rolle cracked. "Nah, I mean, just taking it as it goes. The first day obviously was the worst. I have been grinding until about 3 in the morning since it's happened, just trying to get better."<br><br><>] EnlargeCourtesy of Ohm Youngmisuk The walking boot Antrel Rolle wore Tuesday was gone by Wednesday.It's no wonder why Tom Coughlin practically scoffed when asked if it's feasible that Rolle could be ready for the season opener against Dallas on Sept. 8. Coughlin said he's wondering about Rolle coming back in a week, never mind Week 1.<br><br>"That's not even a question," Rolle said about the opener. "That's my goal. I don't know what everybody else's expectations are, but if I can play, I am going to go. It doesn't matter if it is this week, it doesn't matter if it is next week, it doesn't matter if it is Week 1. I am never the kind of guy that is going to milk an injury. If I can go, I am going to go."<br><br>"Right now, it feels a million times better than it did initially," he added. "Just a lot of praying and hard work at night. I am just happy that I am as far along as I am right now."<br><br>Rolle said the pain he felt Monday when he came down on his ankle was excruciating. He has missed just one regular-season game in the past seven years due to injury, in 2009 while with the Cardinals.<br><br>He played through pain in his knee for several weeks after banging it on a camera on the sideline in Carolina in Week 3 last year.<br><br>"The knee was worse because it just lingered so long," Rolle said. "It took me maybe about eight or nine weeks to actually get the fluid out of my knee. But this, initially, this is one of the worst pains that I felt probably in my lifetime."<br><br>"It hurt just that much," he added. "One of my biggest pet peeves for myself is to lay on the ground, especially after being injured or having something of that nature take place. I tried to get up and walk off. I took three steps and said I couldn't bear it. So for me to tap out like that, you must know it is something excruciating."<br><br>Yet two days later, Rolle was out of his walking boot and had no brace or anything on his right ankle.<br><br>Ryan Mundy will see first-team snaps in Rolle's absence. But Rolle might not be out as long as first anticipated, which could have been a few weeks.<br><br>"If I didn't need the boot, I wasn't going to walk around with the boot," Rolle said. "I have been strengthening my ankle and calf each and every day. I do it when I am in meeting rooms. I do it all day long. The training staff here has been phenomenal."<br><br>"My injury is not going to be a factor," <a href=>Mbt Sko</a> he added.
Tags:New York Giants, Antrel Rolle, Training Camp 2013

<br><br>Perry Fewell clearly has spent time in the football lab this offseason. <br><br>It appears the Giants' defensive coordinator will be unleashing some different looks this year to improve a unit that finished 31st in total defense last year. <br><br>Fewell said "we'll be very multiple" when asked whether he will show some 3-4 looks this season. On Tuesday, reporters got a glimpse of some of the different looks the Giants are tinkering with.<br><br>I'm all for this. I like when Fewell gets creative. His three-safety look got his best players on the field when they had Deon Grant. So Fewell will try to do the same this season, and I feel he has a lot of pieces to work with up front, such as Cullen Jenkins, Shaun Rogers, Mathias Kiwanuka, Jason Pierre-Paul, Justin Tuck, Adrian Tracy, Damontre Moore, Mike Patterson, and Marvin Austin. And he has enough linebackers to use different combinations there, too. Also, if Terrell Thomas is healthy, Fewell will really have options at each level on defense. <br><br>In case you missed it: Antrel Rolle said his ankle injury is a regular sprain, not a high-ankle sprain. Giants Nation can breathe again. Rolle still may need a good chunk of camp to recover, though.<br><br>Jane McManus stopped by Giants camp and wrote about the competition at middle linebacker between Mark Herzlich and Dan Connor, and the race at backup QB between David Carr, Curtis Painter and Ryan Nassib. <br><br>The 411: The Giants practice from 1:30-3:45 on Wednesday, and the running backs and tight ends are scheduled to sign autographs.
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<br><br>The sight of Antrel Rolle on the ground clutching his right ankle probably took the wind out of the coaches, players and fans on Monday. <br><br>As of Monday afternoon, a source said Rolle sprained his ankle and that it is unknown how long the safety will be out for. That certainly sounds like better news than what might have been. Rolle is such a key piece on the defense. He has led the team in tackles the past two years, and has become one of the Giants' most important leaders. <br><br>We should find out more Tuesday about the tests done on Rolle's ankle. <br><br>In case you missed it: Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride had some interesting things to say about the backup quarterback competition, David Wilson's blocking and Jerrel Jernigan. <br><br>Justin Pugh was happy to be back Monday after suffering his first concussion.<br><br>Coach Tom Coughlin said he only has eight more practices before he has to prepare the team for the regular season opener. <br><br>The 411: Practice is from 1:30-3:45 on Tuesday, and the defensive line and defensive backs are scheduled to sign autographs.
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<br><br>EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The biggest thing that happened in Monday's practice was Antrel Rolle's injury. <br><br>Rolle sprained his ankle early on, in one-on-one coverage drills, but the Giants had to go on with the rest of practice. <br><br>First-round pick Justin Pugh returned to action from a concussion and got some snaps at left tackle with the second team. Pugh previously had worked most <a href=>Ferr... Women Sunglasses</a> of the time at right tackle, where he was competing with David Diehl. <br><br>The competition isn't over, but Pugh suffered the concussion 11 days ago. He missed valuable practice time and a preseason game. The Giants likely will go with Diehl at right tackle, but they could move Pugh around and prepare him in case of an injury to a starter.<br><br>Reinforcements: The Giants also welcomed back DE Justin Tuck (back) and RB Ryan Torain (concussion). OG Chris Snee (hip) and DB Terrell Thomas (knee) practiced, too. Thomas got a good deal of snaps as an extra defensive back as the team continues to ease him back into the mix. <br><br>If Thomas can stay healthy and get stronger, the Giants could have four experienced cornerbacks to turn to in Corey Webster, Prince Amukamara, Aaron Ross and Thomas. And Jayron Hosley should continue to get better as well. <br><br>The 411: Dan Connor got some first-team snaps at MLB. Connor and Mark Herzlich switched at times, with Herzlich getting some second-team snaps. The Giants want to look at different linebacker combinations. ... DT Cullen Jenkins continues to get snaps at DE. ... QB Ryan Nassib launched a pretty 40-yard pass toward the end zone but Keith Carlos had the ball go through his hands. ... TE Adrien Robinson continues to look like a big target in the passing game as QB David Carr hit him with a nice sideline pass in 11-on-11 drills. ... WR Rueben Randle snatched the ball out of the air in traffic across the middle on one play. ... WR Ramses Barden made an impressive one-handed catch across the middle. ... RB Michael Cox continues to run hard in practice. ... The Giants signed WR Marcus Harris to replace WR Kris Adams, who was waived/injured after suffering a fractured ankle Saturday.
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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Tom Coughlin is running out of practice time. <br><br>The head coach told his team and staff before today's practice that there were only nine practices remaining before the final cut down date and the team has to prepare for the season opener against the Cowboys. <br><br> 10 Hottest Issues At Giants Camp<br> The Super Bowl is at MetLife, and the Giants want in. Here are the 10 issues standing in the way. Top 10 Blog "As of this morning, we have nine practices left before the regular season," Coughlin said. "Can you imagine that? It's ridiculous."<br><br>Teams are no longer allowed to have two practices a day. So you can understand how Coughlin feels pinched for time to get his team ready. Think about it: the coaching staff has basically eight more practices and three games to figure out who to start, keep and cut. <br><br>Coughlin spoke about the amount of practices remaining while answering a question about how Terrell Thomas did more in practice on Monday. <br><br>"Well he got the green light to have more snaps," Coughlin said of Thomas, who came off the PUP list last week. "And he did and he seemed to do OK with it. Hopefully that will give him confidence, he'll take some more. It is time for all these guys that have been in this other <injured> category to get moving."<br><br>Mundy, Mundy: IF Antrel Rolle misses any time due to a sprained ankle -- which is likely -- the Giants will go with Ryan Mundy alongside Stevie Brown. <br><br>Coughlin obviously would prefer that Rolle is healthy enough to play but he has been impressed with Mundy, who played with Brown at Michigan. <br><br>"He's a good," Coughlin said of Mundy. "Sound player."
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<br><br>EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ -- Giants safety Antrel Rolle left practice early Monday after coming down awkwardly during a one-on-one coverage drill. <br><br>According to a source, Rolle sprained his right ankle and it is not known how long he will be sidelined. Tom Coughlin did not know the severity of the injury right after practice. Rolle was set to undergo tests and an MRI. <br><br>Rolle was covering tight end Bear Pascoe on the play. He needed help to walk off the field and was carted back to the locker room. However, Rolle did not appear to be in serious pain.<br><br> Must ve (been) stepped on, Coughlin said. I am sure he will get everything (in terms of tests). That s all I know. Hopefully it s an ankle and he is coming right back. <br><br>If Rolle misses time, the Giants will have to depend on safety Ryan Mundy -- Mundy got snaps with the first team Monday in place of Rolle. But the Giants can't afford to lose Rolle for an extended period of time. He has led the team in tackles the past two seasons, and has played in all 16 games the past three years. <br><br>DaMonster sits: Damontre Moore, the star of the preseason opening win over the Steelers, watched practice Monday with a shoulder contusion. Coughlin said the third-round pick is day-to-day. <br><br>Moore blocked a punt and was incredibly active on defense in Pittsburgh. <br><br>Cornerback Corey Webster and wide receiver Jerrel Jernigan did not practice due to soreness from the preseason game, according to Coughlin. <br><br>"He s got a little soreness so we just held him," Coughlin said of Webster. "Hopefully it will be quick."<br><br>Safety Cooper Taylor (hamstring) <a href=>Ferr... Women Sunglasses</a> and tackle James Brewer (concussion) also did not practice. <br><br>Welcome back: First-round pick Justin Pugh (concussion), defensive end Justin Tuck (back) and running back Ryan Torain (concussion) were back on the field Monday. Pugh is thrilled to be back from his first concussion ever.
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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The buzzword around the New York Giants the past few years has been "consistency." As in, they need to find ways to be more consistent week-to-week, month-to-month in order to achieve their goal of making the playoffs. When they make the playoffs, the Giants are a threat to win the Super Bowl, as they showed two seasons ago. But in three of the past four seasons, they have failed to qualify for the postseason.<br><br>The issue, ironically, is that for all of their in-season inconsistencies, the Giants are actually one of the most consistent teams in the league year-to-year. Their regular-season win totals the past four seasons are 8, 10, 9 and 9. There are teams all over the league that would kill for that kind of consistency -- to stay annually in the division race deep into December and be in position to get themselves into what Giants general manager Jerry Reese calls "the tournament." But for the Giants, it's not good enough.<br><br>"I guess we are consistent when you look at it that way. So we need to be better," quarterback Eli Manning said before Giants training camp practice Friday. "We expect to be a team that can get 11 wins, that can get 12 wins in a season. So I think it's really just playing to our potential, is really what we're saying. We've got to avoid the bad games. We should be in every game we play."<br><br> Camp Confidential: NFC East Cowboys<br> Eagles<br> Giants <br> Redskins Training camp page
There are multiple levels on which to attack the problem. Manning himself says he's working to improve his accuracy, especially insofar as it helps the Giants get back to hitting big plays in the passing game. Around him the offensive line and the receiving corps are working to get and stay healthy and be cohesive. The run game is transitioning to younger players. On the other side of the ball, the Giants hope the pass rush can rebound from a 33-sack season (the Giants' lowest team total in that category since 2009) and return to the dominant form that helped it win the Super Bowl two seasons ago. If that happens, they believe the secondary will play better and a defense that allowed the second-most yards in the NFL last year will necessarily improve its ability to control games and steer away from the annual potholes.<br><br>"Since I've been here, we've kind of fallen into that same trap. We've had that midseason letdown," said safety Antrel Rolle, who's entering his fourth season with the Giants. "And I'm not quite sure why that's happened, but we definitely need to break that mind frame and get above the nine, 10 wins, because we're better than that. Our standards are way beyond that."<br><br>The Giants are holding training camp this year at their regular-season practice facility, mere yards from the stadium in which the Super Bowl will be played six months from now. The view of hulking MetLife Stadium from their practice fields, along with the Super Bowl countdown clock Reese installed in the locker room, is making sure the Giants keep their very high goals in mind as they prepare for the 2013 season.<br><br>THREE HOT ISSUES<br><br><>] EnlargeAP Photo/Seth WenigDavid Wilson will now have the chance to be the lead back in New York's running attack.1. Who will carry the ball? With mainstay Ahmad Bradshaw off to Indianapolis, the running game is in the hands of 2012 first-round pick David Wilson and Andre Brown, who was the Giants' goal-line back before an injury ended the 2012 season for him. Wilson has everyone excited because of his game-breaking potential, but it's clear that whichever of these guys shows the most as a pass-blocker will get the bulk of the carries.<br><br>"You really can't play unless you can protect the quarterback," Giants coach Tom Coughlin said. "Fortunately, those two young men as well as our other running backs have had the opportunity to look at Ahmad's film and get a better understanding of the complexities of our protection packages. Those two guys are very, very fast and very skilled, and we definitely believe in the balance theory. To play great football, we're going to have to run the ball."<br><br>Expect a carry split not unlike what the Giants have shown in years past. But if Wilson shows he can stay on the field for three downs, he could emerge as a star. No Giants back in recent memory has been as explosive a runner as he is.<br><br>2. Can they get to the quarterback? The pass rush is in flux as well. Osi Umenyiora is in Atlanta. Jason Pierre-Paul is recovering from back surgery and may not be ready for Week 1. Justin Tuck has 12.5 sacks in his last 32 games. Mathias Kiwanuka is moving back up to the line after a couple of years in the linebacking corps. And they only had 33 sacks last year. The Giants, historically, do not have the kind of success they intend to have without a dominating pass rush.<br><br>Tuck says he's rejuvenated after two tough years -- healthier than he's been in any camp since 2010. He's in the final year of his contract, and if he looks like his old self this year, he and the team will benefit dramatically. Toughening up inside at defensive tackle should help as well, and if Pierre-Paul makes a full recovery, this will be a driven unit capable of much bigger things.<br><br>3. Last stand for the old guard? "Me worrying about contracts or things that are going to happen in the future doesn't really help me in the present," Tuck said after practice last Friday. "I've never been a player that played the game for money or played for a big contract. If I did, don't you think I'd have been more inclined to play well the last two years and not have to worry about the contract now? I just want to go out there and prove to people that Justin Tuck can do still do his job very well."<br><br>Tuck's feelings echo those of teammates David Diehl and Corey Webster. All three are proud Giant champions who took a lot of criticism for their disappointing play in 2012. All three are determined to play better in 2013. All three are likely done in New York next year if they don't. The Giants are placing a big bet on the professional and personal pride of some of their title-team cornerstones. They're all talking tough in August, but it's got to translate into turn-back-the-clock production for the Giants' key veterans.<br><br>REASON FOR OPTIMISM<br><br><>] EnlargeAP Photo/Seth WenigEli Manning has plenty of offensive weapons this season and the unit will be capable of putting up a lot of points.Manning is always the biggest reason for optimism in East Rutherford. Steady, reliable and capable of making every clutch throw there is, the Giants' franchise quarterback is the sun around which their current universe revolves. With Victor Cruz <a href=>Mbt Sko nettsalg</a> back in the fold after an offseason contract dispute, Rueben Randle looking good as he prepared for his second season, the young legs in the run game, and a new tight end in Brandon Myers who caught 79 passes in Oakland last season, Manning is surrounded by exciting weapons on offense. And if top receiver Hakeem Nicks can shake his latest offseason injury bout and stay healthy all year, this is an offense capable of scoring a lot of points in a hurry.<br><br>REASON FOR PESSIMISM<br><br>The one issue on offense -- and it's a big one -- is the blocking. Bradshaw was a great blocking back, and as we've already discussed we don't know what Wilson and Brown can bring as blockers over a full season. Martellus Bennett was a great run-blocking tight end, and that's not a strength of Myers' game. Diehl is proud, determined and worthy of the benefit of the doubt, but he's coming off a bad season. Interior offensive linemen Chris Snee and David Baas have struggled the past few years with injuries. All of the skill-position talent is exciting, but it could be undone if the Giants can't answer some of their big blocking questions.<br><br>OBSERVATION DECK<br>

Rolle said that when Kenny Phillips went down with his injury problems last year, he had to play a lot in the box while fellow safety Stevie Brown handled the post safety role. Brown did collect eight interceptions in that role, but the Giants want him to be more versatile now that Phillips is gone and he's a full-time starter. Having a full training camp to work as a starter is helping Brown become the kind of interchangeable safety they need him and Rolle to be. "We already know he's a ballhawk and can go and he can go get the <a href=>Ferragamo Men's Shoes</a> ball and do something with it once he gets it," Rolle said. "Now he's showing us that he can play in the box and definitely be a versatile safety."

They don't want to talk about it because they don't want to give away their plans, but the Giants have worked on some different alignments of the defensive front seven this camp. Usually a strict 4-3 team, the Giants have tried some 3-4 looks or some hybrid looks that ask their defensive ends to stand up and either play outside linebacker or at least look as though they might. The idea is to confuse the offense and possibly to be in better position to react to the run-heavy, read-option offenses in Washington and maybe Philadelphia.

Third-year cornerback Prince Amukamara is healthy and hoping to build on his solid second season. He said his goal is to play well enough that he's able to stay on one side and Webster on the other side of the field for the whole game, rather than having Webster assigned to the other team's No. 1 receiver regardless of where he lines up. The coaches say that's their goal for their cornerbacks as well, and Amukamara's strong camp is leading them to believe they can play that way.

Former Eagle Cullen Jenkins has worked some at defensive end as well as tackle. His experience playing different positions in 3-4 and 4-3 fronts could help the Giants if they plan to be varied and have multiple looks on defense.

Randle, the team's second-round pick in 2012, is a big-bodied outside threat who could keep Cruz in the slot where he's at his best. It's still premature to project Randle as Nicks' long-term replacement, but from what I saw he's a guy who knows how to use his size and his leaping ability to out-fight a defensive back for a ball in traffic. His speed becomes more of an asset the further he gets down the field, because of his long strides.

The biggest-impact 2013 draft pick could be second-rounder Johnathan Hankins, who looks like a valuable part of the rotation at defensive tackle. Third-rounder Damontre Moore is at least a situational pass-rusher at this point, and it's easy to see the way those playmaking instincts help him get off the ball and into the backfield. First-round pick Justin Pugh isn't running with the first team (and he's actually out right now with a concussion), but they have worked him at tackle and guard and they believe he's going to be a valuable long-term piece for them at some position on the line. Right now, though, he's clearly behind Diehl at right tackle.

We've come this far without mentioning linebacker, and I don't have much to report. Between their nickel packages, the three-safety looks they like so much, and the possibility that they might show some 3-4 here and there, it's just not a high-priority spot. Spencer Paysinger is making a push for the starting spot at weakside linebacker, with Keith Rivers on the strong side and Mark Herzlich in the middle at least so far. But I think the linebacker alignment could depend on who shows something on special teams.
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Antrel Rolle signed with the New York Giants in 2010 to play free safety. <br><br>But because of injuries to other Giants defensive backs, Rolle has been forced to play a lot of nickel cornerback, covering speedy slot receivers. <br><br>He has also taken a physical beating while playing up in the box -- the 5-yard area behind the offensive line -- like a strong safety in order to shut down the opposition's running plays.<br><br><>] EnlargeJim O'Connor/USA TODAY SportsAndrel Rolle and Stevie Brown will form the Giants' safety tandem in 2013.But with the emergence of Stevie Brown, who grabbed eight interceptions last season, Rolle should be able to play more of his natural position as the last line of defense. Secondary coach David Merritt hopes that translates into a huge year for the veteran.<br><br>"As much as Antrel can, he's going to try and put Stevie in the box, but we're going to control that," Merritt said.<br><br>"He had to come in and play the nickel and had to lose weight and try to play all the slot receivers, which is a different world," Merritt said of Rolle's challenge in previous seasons. "Being able to play the safety position for us now is a tremendous lift in his spirit because now he can play the half, he can play the third, he can play quarters, he can rotate down in the box and he doesn't necessarily have to rotate out on the receiver and go out and play man-to-man.<br><br>"So he's more of a safety this offseason and during this camp."<br><br>Merritt was asked if Rolle came into training camp heavier than last year. <br><br>"I wouldn't necessarily say heavier, but he didn't have to worry about trying to keep his weight down, so to speak, close to the 200 mark," Merritt said. "Right now, Antrel is probably weighing about 208. You guys may not think five pounds makes a difference, but it does. It does when you're playing a guy such as <Victor> Cruz or you're playing a guy such as Wes Welker in the slot. That extra five or 10 pounds that you carry will limit your ability to change directions."<br><br>Big plays were a problem for Big Blue's defense last season: The Goamts allowed 60 passes of 20 or more yards (fourth-highest in the NFL), 29 passes of at least 30 yards (most in the league) and 13 passes of 40 or more yards (second). <br><br>"The ball went outside. The ball would go deep and outside, which they kept it away from the post safety," Merritt said. "I talked to a couple of my buddies who coach on other squads ... and they say they're going to keep it out of the middle of the field, away from Kenny Phillips and Stevie Brown, and the ball started going up outside. <br><br>"But as you look at what's going on right now with our corners and how they're competing and how they're actually getting the technique down at the line of scrimmage, we're starting now to pick off those passes that were once big plays on our defense last year."
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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Late last season, a frustrated Antrel Rolle said the Giants needed to rediscover their "dog" mentality on defense.<br><br><>] EnlargeAP Photo/Seth WenigAntrel Rolle says the Giants need to rediscover their "dog" mentality this year.We're only a week into training camp, but Rolle sounds pleased with what he's seen thus far in 2013 -- particularly from his fellow defensive backs.<br><br>"These guys are going out there and they've been attacking the ball," Rolle said, prior to Thursday's practice. "The ball's in the air, they've been attacking it, they've been coming down with it. Just the intensity alone in our defensive backs, it seems like night and day."<br><br>Rolle isn't just impressed by the secondary, either. He raved about his teammates up front, too -- using a familiar theme.<br><br>"Right now in practice they look like animals," he said of the Giants' defensive line. "I just can't wait to see what it's like when those guys really take the leash off them and <they> really get turned loose and see how they turn out."<br><br>The Giants, who traditionally have a stout defense, had an embarrassing finish last year. They ranked second-to-last in the NFL in yards allowed (6,134) and whimpered down the stretch, getting blown out by the Falcons (34-0) and Ravens (33-14) in Weeks 15 and 16, all but ending their hopes of a playoff berth.<br><br>The defending Super Bowl champs had just 33 sacks, a year after collecting 48. They gave up 4,068 passing yards -- fifth-most in the league. Teams generally had their way offensively against Big Blue.<br><br>"There's a lot of things you could say that pinpoint throughout different games, but for the majority of the part, we didn't play up to our standards," Rolle said.<br><br>The former All-Pro safety said the Giants need to be better playmakers in 2013.<br><br>"A lot of the corrections just have to do with, you're seeing the ball, you make a play, you break on it, you make a play -- taking full advantage when the opportunity presents itself," he said. "Just a self-challenge -- looking at the mirror understanding that you are this kind of a player, but you have to go out there and prove it on the field.<br><br> 10 Hottest Issues At Giants Camp<br> The Super Bowl is at MetLife, and the Giants want in. Here are the 10 issues standing in the way. Top 10 Blog "There was some mishaps at times. There were some busted assignments at times. But for the most part it's all about going out there and competing and making that play." <br><br>The defense looked good again Thursday. On the very first play of 11-on-11 drills, cornerback Prince Amukamara came away with an interception on a deep throw by Eli Manning that was intended for Victor Cruz. Fellow cornerback Corey Webster also intercepted Manning later on, and reserve corner Laron Scott finished off practice with a red-zone pick while defending Ramses Barden.<br><br>On Monday, the Giants' D actually had five interceptions, to the delight of defensive coordinator Perry Fewell.<br><br>Cornerback Aaron Ross -- who was with the Giants during their championship run in 2011, but played for the Jaguars last season before returning to Big Blue -- likes what he sees from his teammates, too. <br><br>"The guys are picking it up, and it seems like we're on the same page," Ross said. "Guys are doing extra film study, extra work in the weight room, at home, and the classroom -- it just seems like everybody just wants it."<br><br>It's only a week, but the Giants' defense appears to be hungry again.<br>
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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The Giants went through their first practice with shoulder pads after using just shells for the first three days. <br><br>And we saw some interesting personnel combinations utilized by the Giants. Defensive line coach Robert Nunn told us in the offseason that Cullen Jenkins can be used at defensive end at times and the Giants did just that in practice on Tuesday. Jenkins saw several snaps at defensive end either opposite Justin Tuck or Mathias Kiwanuka. Linval Joseph and Shaun Rogers were inside at defensive tackle when Jenkins was at defensive end. <br><br>
Cullen Jenkins
#99 DT<br>New York Giants
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The look is an interesting one, almost like the defensive tackle-version of the NASCAR package. It provides the Giants with muscle and size to guard against the run with three defensive tackles on the line. But Jenkins can also rush as well and he showed glimpses of that in practice. <br><br>The Giants are loaded at defensive tackle and stopping the run is a major priority this season. I like the team looking to see what it can do with their top offseason signing in Jenkins. <br><br>Pugh's day: Another interesting personnel combination was Justin Pugh seeing a few snaps in a jumbo package as an extra lineman for blocking with David Diehl at right tackle and James Brewer at right guard. Diehl, Pugh and Brewer are competing for the right tackle spot but Diehl has been the starter and Pugh has seen snaps with the second team at right tackle. <br><br>Brewer has been with the first team at right guard in place of Chris Snee, who has been on the PUP list making his way back from hip surgery in the offseason. In this jumbo package, Pugh lined up on the left side next to left tackle Will Beatty. Ultimately, if Diehl wins the right tackle job, Pugh will likely be the team's extra lineman in big packages. <br><br>Pugh did have one hiccup later in practice. During a second-team play, Pugh jumped before the snap before watching Adrian Tracy blow by on the right side. <br><br> 10 Hottest Issues At Giants Camp<br> The Super Bowl is at MetLife, and the Giants want in. Here are the 10 issues standing in the way. Top 10 Blog Giant defense: It was a strong day for the defense in practice. Prince Amukamara had a nice day, breaking up two passes, one intended for Hakeem Nicks and another intended for Rueben Randle.<br><br>Linebacker Aaron Curry had a good practice, stepping in front of an intended receiver and picking off Curtis Painter over the middle while also stopping a few runs later. Linebacker Kyle Bosworth blew up two running plays in the backfield in the non-tackling practice.<br><br>Cornerback Aaron Ross continued a good start to camp with an interception off Eli Manning. Safety Junior Mertile also had his second pick in as many days, this one off Ryan Nassib. <br> <br>Flashes: Randle followed up his big practice on Monday with another touchdown, this one a bomb from Manning caught between Corey Webster and Prince... Damontre Moore had an impressive spin move on Pugh before Brandon Mosley came over to help... Manning connected on a couple of nice passes to Cruz, including one in which Cruz put a nice stop and cut move to avoid an oncoming Antrel Rolle in the red zone.
Tags:New York Giants, Aaron Ross, Mathias Kiwanuka, Antrel Rolle, Justin Tuck, Chris Snee, Victor Cruz, Corey Webster, Will Beatty, Hakeem Nicks, Eli Manning, David Diehl, Linval Joseph, Prince Amukamara, Rueben Randle, Shaun Rogers, Cullen Jenkins, Justin Pugh, Damontre Moore, Training Camp 2013

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- New York Giants coaches have been raving all offseason long about Rueben Randle and his progress. <br><br>On Monday, Randle looked outstanding, making several impressive catches. He waged a battle with cornerback Prince Amukamara, who also impressed Tom Coughlin with his competitive spirit. <br><br><>] EnlargeJim O'Connor/USA TODAY SportsRueben Randle has one of the early starts in Giants camp.Randle first caught a pass over the middle from Eli Manning and basically used his body to shield the ball away from Amukamara in 11-on-11's. Randle followed that up with a nice catch on the sideline with Amukamara at his back. <br><br>Then came the highlight of the day. <a href=>Mbt Sko Salg</a> Given a ton of time to throw in the non-contact 11-on-11 drill, Manning launched a 50-yard bomb for Randle, who got behind both Corey Webster and Antrel Rolle. Randle still had to make an impressive over-the-shoulder catch in the end zone and held on, garnering a roar from the crowd. <br><br>Randle added another leaping grab over the middle in red zone work for a touchdown. The scary thing is, he could've had two more big plays, but he dropped a beautiful deep sideline pass from Manning with Amukamara again in coverage and had another pass in the corner of the end zone batted away by a defender. <br><br>Randle seemed to take advantage of Hakeem Nicks being limited in practice. Nicks experienced tightness in his groin Sunday, and took a few snaps in 11-on-11 drills on Monday but otherwise was limited again. <br><br>The key will be seeing if Randle can keep this up. He's set to be the third receiver, and could play an even bigger role if Nicks' health becomes an issue again. <br><br>Pick city: Randle's catches actually overshadowed a strong day by the defensive secondary. Coordinator Perry Fewell screamed with delight as the Giants intercepted five passes on the day. Every quarterback besides Manning threw at least one pick. <br><br>Ryan Nassib and Curtis Painter threw two interceptions apiece, and David Carr threw one. <br><br>Jayron Hosley, who has been working with the third-team defense, intercepted Painter in seven-on-seven drills. Laron Scott picked off a deflected pass from Nassib in seven-on-seven. Safety Tyler Sash made a diving interception off Painter and Aaron Ross had a pick-six off Carr. <br><br>Junior Mertile added the final interception of the day, off Nassib in the end zone in red zone practice. <br><br>Flashes: LB Jacquian Williams had an active practice, knocking down two passes. Rookie DE Damontre Moore continued to impress with his second-team snaps. He had one nice inside move and showed good push against a running play. RB David Wilson flashed his speed and agility on a few runs. Rookie Justin Pugh, working with the second team at right tackle, had a nice pull block. Jerrel Jernigan drew applause from fans on a couple of nice punt returns. Victor Cruz dropped a short pass but still got a lot of love from the fans.
Tags:New York Giants, Tom Coughlin, Aaron Ross, Antrel Rolle, Victor Cruz, Corey Webster, Perry Fewell, Hakeem Nicks, Eli Manning, Prince Amukamara, Jerrel Jernigan, Jacquian Williams, David Carr, David Wilson, Rueben Randle, Jayron Hosley, Curtis Painter, Ryan Nassib, Training Camp 2013, Practice Report

The Giants hold their first practice of 2013 training camp today. <br><br>It's open to the public at their practice facility in East Rutherford, N.J. Are you going? Here's the 411: <br><br> 10 Hottest Issues At Giants Camp<br> The Super Bowl is at MetLife, and the Giants want in. Here are the 10 issues standing in the way. Top 10 Blog On deck: The media will talk to players between 11:40 a.m.-to 12:40 p.m.. Practice is from 1:30 p.m.-to-3:45 p.m..<br><br>Eli Manning will get to throw to Victor Cruz again and camp battles commence at right tackle, running back, middle linebacker and backup pass rusher. <br><br>Rookies will sign autographs after practice so this is your chance to get an autograph from Justin Pugh, Ryan Nassib & Co. <br><br>In case you missed it: JPP is one of five Giants to start camp on the PUP list. <br><br>Eli is entering his 10th training camp but he has something to prove. <br><br>How hungry are the Giants this season? Just ask Antrel Rolle. <br><br>Also, Cruz clarified his recent comments about his contract. <br><br>Check back in on the Giants blog later today for stories and a practice report later in the day.
Tags:New York Giants, Jason Pierre-Paul, Antrel Rolle, Victor Cruz, Eli Manning, Training Camp 2013

Tim Farrell/THE STAR-LEDGER/USA TODAY SportsEli Manning and the Giants report to camp in East Rutherford, N.J., on Friday.It's that time of the year again. <br><br>"Steppin' to the AM" means only one thing -- training camp is here. For those of you who don't know, I'm an old school hip-hop head. So the daily camp morning prep blog is named after 3rd Bass' song. We're all family here at the Giants blog so leave comments, let me know what you want to read about in camp and ask any questions you may have. <br><br>In case you missed it: So, it's time to get you ready for camp. Here's 10 issues facing the Giants heading into camp. <br><br> 10 Hottest Issues At Giants Camp<br> The Super Bowl is at MetLife, and the Giants want in. Here are the 10 issues standing in the way. Top 10 Blog Also, John Mara believes this team can be as good as the 2011 team that at one point was 7-7 but got hot and won it all. <br><br>And, Antrel Rolle plans on being even more of a leader this season with vets such as Chris Canty, Ahmad Bradshaw, Michael Boley, Kenny Phillips and Chase Blackburn gone. I believe Rolle is going to have to have a major impact on and off the field for the Giants this season. <br><br>Finally, the Giants also signed their two remaining unsigned draft picks -- Justin Pugh and Ryan Nassib. <br><br>On deck: The Giants report to camp Friday and have a conditioning evaluation test scheduled for 4 p.m. We'll talk to Tom Coughlin and select players afterward, so check back at the blog throughout the day and later in the afternoon. <br><br>In the meantime, celebrate the start of training camp, which officially begins on Saturday with the first practice.
Tags:New York Giants, Tom Coughlin, Antrel Rolle, Ahmad Bradshaw, Michael Boley, Chris Canty, Chase Blackburn, Training Camp 2013

As training camp approaches, we're counting down to camp by taking a look at the Giants, position by position. <br><br>Position: Defensive backs. <br><br> 10 Hottest Issues At Giants Camp<br> The Super Bowl is at MetLife, and the Giants want in. Here are the 10 issues standing in the way. Top 10 Blog Projected starters: CB Corey Webster, CB Prince Amukamara, S Antrel Rolle, S Stevie Brown.<br><br>Projected reserves: CB Aaron Ross, CB Jayron Hosley, CB Terrell Thomas, S Ryan Mundy, S Will Hill, S Cooper Taylor, S Tyler Sash, CB Terrence Frederick, DB Laron Scott, CB Antonio Dennard, DB Trumaine McBride, DB Charles James, DB Junior Mertile, DB Alonzo Tweedy, DB David Caldwell. <br><br>New faces: Ross, Mundy, Taylor, Dennard, McBride, James, Mertile, Tweedy, Caldwell. <br><br>Going, going, gone: Kenny Phillips, Justin Tryon, Brian Witherspoon. <br><br>Player to watch: Webster. The Giants need a big-time bounce-back season from Webster. According to, Webster allowed eight touchdown receptions, tied for second-most among cornerbacks. The website also had Webster ranked last against the run with one tackle for a loss among the 26 cornerbacks on the field for 75 percent of run plays. Webster, who broke his hand early in the season but kept playing, is still considered the Giants top corner and has to play like it for Perry Fewell s defense to improve upon last year s 31st ranking in total defense.<br><br><>] EnlargeJim O'Connor/USA TODAY SportsCan Corey Webster bounce back in the Giants' secondary? Big Blue needs him to rebound.Potential strength: The Giants have the ability to create turnovers in the secondary. Brown had eight interceptions and 307 return yards last season, and Webster added four picks. Rolle hopes to roam and be more of a playmaker and cover less in the slot. If Webster plays closer to his normal form, Prince and Hosley continue to improve and Thomas can come back healthy, the Giants secondary has the potential to be much better. Safeties coach Dave Merritt said the Giants might use a defensive back to play the third safety role but added that Mundy impressed in OTAs and minicamp.<br><br>Potential weakness: Health and depth at corner. Without knowing how Thomas comeback will play out, the Giants basically have four cornerbacks with experience in Webster, Amukamara, Ross and Hosley. One or two injuries to that group will seriously hurt the Giants' secondary. Losing Phillips experience at safety also could have an impact, especially with the chemistry in the back of the defense. Hill will have to serve a four-game suspension to start the season. And if Webster is on the decline and doesn't rebound from last year, the Giants' secondary could be in for a long season.<br><br>Wild card: Thomas. If Thomas third comeback from an ACL injury is a successful one, the Giants secondary will greatly benefit. Thomas can help at corner, in the slot and even perhaps as a third safety. Before getting injured, Thomas was one of the Giants best tacklers. Thomas could be the difference between a solid secondary and a good one. "The Giants have a great plan for me this upcoming season," Thomas blogged on his website. "We are going to start off slow like counting my reps and going in that direction. I am excited about camp starting this week, I feel like a big question mark on defense and I love it... I feel like I am the X factor for the defense, I think I can be a big key for our defense this year as far as my physical play combined with my knowledge, communication and leadership skills."<br><br>Tell us what you think of the secondary going into camp.
Tags:New York Giants, Terrell Thomas, Aaron Ross, Antrel Rolle, Kenny Phillips, Corey Webster, Perry Fewell, Prince Amukamara, Tyler Sash, Jayron Hosley, Will Hill, Camp Preview, Ryan Mundy, Cooper Taylor

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Here it is everybody: the first ESPN Heisman watch list for the 2013 season.<br><br>Let the discussion begin.<br><br>[+] EnlargeDaniel Shirey/USA TODAY SportsClemson QB Tajh Bowas was the ACC Player of the Year last season, but is just No. 7 on [url=]Mbt Sko Salg[/url] the initial ESPN Heisman watch list. First, as it relates to the ACC: Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd is the lone league representative. That does not come as a huge shock, but his place on the list is somewhat surprising. Boyd is listed at No. 7, picking up two second-place votes, one third-place vote and one fifth-place vote. He also is behind five other quarterbacks.<br><br>Both colleague Heather Dinich and I agree Boyd is way too low. We each had [url=]Mbt Sko Salg[/url] him in our top 5. Boyd had yet another terrific season in 2012, when he was selected ACC Player of the Year and made the AFCA All-America first-team at quarterback. Given his improvement over the last two seasons, it stands to reason that Boyd is in store for his best season yet.<br><br>I thought his performance against LSU in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl might have given him more of a push into the top 5 on this list. You know what will? A huge game against Georgia in the opener (Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray checks in last on this Heisman Watch list).<br><br>Now, for the top preseason contenders. I am not surprised to see South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney at No. 1 on the list, even with defending Heisman champion Johnny Manziel returning to Texas A&M. I had Clowney at No. 1 on my preseason list because I believe he is the best player in the country going into the season. It may be time for a defensive player to win this trophy.<br><br>As for Manziel, he checks in at No. 3, only four points behind Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller. Heather and I left Manziel off our ballots completely given the events of this offseason. We were not the only ones, either, if you add up the votes he received from our 16-member ESPN experts panel.
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Sammy Watkins wants to leave his past in the past. But to do that, he would ignore what has made him the player his Clemson teammates see out on the practice field today:<br><br>More intense.<br><br>More prepared.<br><br>More responsible.<br><br>More mature.<br><br>More well-rounded.<br><br>[+] EnlargeJoshua S. Kelly/US PresswireClemson's Sammy Watkins got into better shape, and focused on better nutrition in the offseason.More confident.<br><br>More comfortable.<br><br>More than any version of Sammy Watkins they have ever seen.<br><br>"You can see the hunger in his eyes," quarterback Tajh Boyd says.<br><br>Indeed, the critical chain of events that began in May 2012 with his arrest on drug possession charges and ended last December with an ankle injury served to transform Watkins. He was no longer a freshman phenom; he was a slumping sophomore. He was no longer a sure thing; he was now a major question mark.<br><br>Nobody needed to tell Watkins that. He knew it for himself. He allowed the arrest, the two-game suspension and the ensuing illness that kept him sidelined for two more games to get the best of him. Watkins did not practice as hard. He admits he took plays off. He was not in great shape, either. The result: 57 receptions for 708 yards and three touchdowns. Not a bad season. But not up to what everybody expected -- Watkins included.<br><br>So the transformation began. Without the very adversity that bedeviled him, without the moments of doubt and frustration, Watkins might still be too immature to be a leader; too relaxed to work on the little things; too overconfident to study every single game tape and point out his own flaws in stance and mechanics.<br><br>He might also still have his family living back home in Fort Myers, Fla.<br><br>Nicole McMiller watched what happened to her son from too far away. As the violence in her neighborhood escalated, McMiller considered moving to be closer to Watkins. The arrest raised red flags. Watkins had never been in trouble previously. But the abdominal virus that sent Watkins to the emergency room and kept him out for two more games was the game-changer.<br><br>For the first time in her life, she was not there to tend to her sick son. She made a decision. It was time for her to move her family to South Carolina.<br><br>It was not easy, considering her mother and five siblings live in Fort Myers. But she needed to provide a safer environment for her children, and to help Watkins pull himself together. She left Fort Myers in February with her oldest daughter, wearing the clothes on her back and carrying a little bit of cash in her pocket. Her husband and two other children stayed behind.<br><br>She had no job, nor a place to live. When she arrived, the family of Clemson safety Travis Blanks allowed her to stay in their home. Several weeks later, McMiller found a job in the billing department at a local hospital. She found a place to live in Seneca, about 20 minutes from the Clemson campus.<br><br>Then she went back home to Fort Myers, packed up, and crowded into the small cab of a Penske truck with her husband and youngest daughter -- towing their car from behind -- and drove 14 hours back to South Carolina. Another son stayed behind with McMiller's mom.<br><br>The [url=]christianlouboutinshoes2013.inf... McMillers were home. For the first family meal together, on Easter Sunday, the family had a seafood feast, talked and watched movies.<br><br> I could see a big difference in him with us just being there, McMiller said in a phone interview. Sammy went through a lot, and he didn t have the support he needed. I know he's happier and he's more focused now. He's ready to roll. I can see the glow on his face. He's so much more confident, so much more ready for whatever comes his way. He's ready to dominate everything he's doing. <br><br>Finally, Watkins could feel at home, too -- some three years after arriving at Clemson.<br><br> When I had that little bump in the road, I think it was time I needed them down here, Watkins said in a recent phone interview. Every son wants his mom down here. I missed them, and my family missed me. So they came down, which helped me a lot just being around them every day. I can go home any time. I went home the other night, had a great meal with them. It s been great. <br><br>Watkins rededicated himself in the offseason. He got into better shape, and focused on better nutrition, hydration and taking care of his body. His body fat melted away. He also spent more time in the film room, evaluating game tape from last season.<br><br>He saw a much slower player, somebody who was not pushing off the ball. He saw a player who was not alert, who was out of shape, a player who gave away whether he was getting the ball or not with his stance.<br><br>This offseason, Watkins has worked on perfecting his route running, and he is in such good shape he says he wants to run 100 plays per game. Whatever his team needs to win.<br><br> I'm excited for him, Boyd says. I think he's going to break out and have a stellar season. Just talking to him, he's so excited and pumped up for this year."<br><br>Watkins also will finally have a cheering section at every home game. Before moving to South Carolina, McMiller had been to only a handful of games. Now, she will be at every home game at the very least -- and already has a special shirt picked out for the opener against Georgia.<br><br>Life in South Carolina is slower than it was in Florida, but also a lot quieter. McMiller doesn t have to worry about telling her youngest daughter how to roll out of bed to avoid gunshots in the neighborhood. Her husband and oldest daughter have found jobs. After so much uncertainty six months ago, the family has settled in for a fresh start.<br><br>So, too, has Watkins. Rather than weaken him, his turbulent 2012 season brought him newfound maturity along with his family, serving to strengthen him. The convenient question now is whether the Tigers will get the Watkins of old this season.<br><br>They won t. They have the new Sammy Watkins.<br><br>The world has not seen him just yet.
Tags:Clemson Tigers, Tajh Boyd, Sammy Watkins

You want to find a good quarterback in the ACC? Plenty of places to look.<br><br>A solid receiver? Plenty of places to look.<br><br>A game-changing running back? Well, let's just say this is not a position of strength for the ACC headed into 2013.<br><br>Both 1,000-yard rushers from a year ago are gone. So are five of the top 10 rushers in the league. Now factor [url=]Ferragamo Women Shoes[/url] in recent developments from the offseason:

Virginia Tech back Michael Holmes was kicked out of school following his arrest after the spring game.

Pitt Rushel Shell decided to transfer, to hated rival West Virginia no less.

Maryland back Wes Brown has been suspended for the season after an offseason arrest.

Wake Forest leading rusher Josh Harris is not with the team while the Deacs wait for an answer from the NCAA on his eligibility.

NC State running back Shadrach Thornton was suspended one game after being charged with misdemeanor assault on a female following a June 6 arrest.
[+] EnlargeKim Klement/USA TODAY Sports Running back Rushel Shell left Pitt for rival West Virginia.Holmes and Brown were expected to be significant contributors this year; Shell and Harris were expected to start; Thornton led the Wolfpack in rushing last year.<br><br>So let us take stock of who remains. Essentially, the ACC has one big-time headliner in Duke Johnson at Miami, and several teams with talent and depth.<br><br>Take Florida State. The Noles have a great duo in James Wilder Jr. and Devonta Freeman. Syracuse has a 1,000-yard rusher returning in Jerome Smith, plus more depth than nearly everyone in the league. Duke has its top six rushers back from a year ago.<br><br>Still, the league overall has improving to do in this important category. In 2012, the ACC had the fewest 1,000-yard rushers of the five biggest conferences. It also only had two teams ranked in the Top 30 in rushing offense (Georgia Tech and Florida State), tied with the SEC for fewest among the top five conferences.<br><br>But here is the big distinction between the two. The SEC only had one team ranked in the bottom 30 in rushing offense last season: Arkansas. The ACC had a whopping six -- Virginia, Duke, NC State, Maryland, Wake Forest, Boston College -- the most among the power five.<br><br>Will fortunes improve this season? Let us take a look at one key statistic that could have some bearing. I broke down how many returning carries there are per team headed into 2013.<br><br>DUKE<br>

Top returners: Jela Duncan, Josh Snead

Percent carries returning: 87 percent

What it means: Duke has perhaps the best opportunity of any team in the league to boost its rushing numbers this year, with its top six rushers back, a more mobile quarterback in Anthony Boone and four starters returning on the offensive line.

Top returners: Jerome Smith, Prince-Tyson Gulley

Percent carries returning: 82 percent

What it means: Syracuse has had a 1,000-yard rusher in five straight seasons, and has pretty terrific depth going into the season. It is a pretty safe bet the Orange will make it six straight 1,000-yard rushers.

Top returners: Andre Williams, Dave Dudeck

Percent carries returning: 75 percent

What it means: Though the Eagles don t have much in the way of depth, they do have experienced players returning in Williams and Dudeck. Given the way Steve Addazio likes to run the football, expect to see the Eagles much better than No. 115 in the nation in rushing.

Top returners: Logan Thomas, J.C. Coleman

Percent returning carries: 70 percent

What it means: Even though this was a weak spot for the Hokies, they do return their top rushers even with Holmes gone. Thomas led the team in carries and rushing last season. Virginia Tech wants to change that this year.

Top returners: Zach Laskey, David Sims

Percent returning carries: 68 percent

What it means: Tevin Washington and Orwin Smith take nearly all the missing carries (176), meaning the Jackets have plenty of experienced players and depth to fill all their running back spots. Shouldn t be a drop-off here.

Top returners: Shadrach Thornton, Tony Creecy

Percent carries returning: 63 percent

What it means: Once he returns from suspension, Thornton will carry the [url= Ferragamo Men's Wallets[/url] load with Creecy, the way they did last season. Given the emphasis Dave Doeren puts on the run in his offense -- Northern Illinois ranked No. 12 in rushing offense last season -- the Wolfpack should not be in the bottom 30 again.

Top returners: Tajh Boyd, Rod McDowell

Percent returning carries: 62 percent

What it means: Interesting stat here, considering the Tigers lose 1,000-yard rusher Andre Ellington. He is one of the biggest losses this team has to replace on offense. Having Boyd run as much as he does certainly helps these numbers, but there s no question Clemson has to find a way to replace Ellington s production.

Top returners: Duke Johnson, Eduardo Clements

Percent returning carries: 59 percent

What it means: Miami loses Mike James, but that just means Johnson moves into a starting role and will get more carries. If he continues the work he did last season, Johnson should be the leading rusher in the ACC this season.

Top returner: Deandre Martin

Percent returning carries: 57 percent

What it means: Wake Forest is still waiting to see whether Harris will be eligible this season. There are serious concerns about this position right now, as coach Jim Grobe has said he still hasn t seen anybody step up and prove they can be an every-down back.

Top returners: A.J. Blue, Romar Morris

Percent returning carries: 56 percent

What it means: The prevailing storyline in Chapel Hill has centered around replacing Giovani Bernard, the other 1,000-yard rusher in the ACC last season. Blue and Morris combined for 151 carries a year ago, so there might not be as big a drop-off in total production as some might anticipate. Each averaged more than 5 yards per carry.

Top returners: Brandon Ross, Albert Reid

Percent returning carries: 48 percent

What it means: The Terps lost significant carries from Brown (90) and Justus Pickett (69). I also did not count Shawn Petty s 58 carries, because he went back to defense. Overall, Maryland feels good about Ross and Reid being able to carry the load, but questions still remain about whether this group can be consistent.

Top returners: James Wilder Jr., Devonta Freeman

Percent Returning carries:45 percent

What it means: This one is the most misleading among all ACC teams, because the Noles do return two terrific talents and expect contributions from a third in Mario Pender. Those lost carries are from Lonnie Pryor and EJ Manuel, along with Chris Thompson (who was out for the second half of the season anyway). Florida State should continue to be an excellent running team.

Top returners: Kevin Parks, Khalek Shepherd

Percent carries returning: 44 percent

What it means: UVa lost carries from Clifton Richardson, Perry Jones and Phillip Sims, but the Hoos believe they will be better running the ball this season -- especially if Taquan Smoke Mizzell is as good as advertised. He could be a breakout star.

Top returners: Isaac Bennett, Malcolm Crockett

Percent returning carries: 9 percent

What it means: I thought this number would be low with Shell and Ray Graham gone. But this is actually worse than anticipated. Pitt has little in the way of experienced players or depth at running back, and we are talking about a team that relies heavily on the run.
ESPN's "College GameDay" will open the college football season in Death Valley for the Clemson-Georgia game on Aug. 31. The game will later broadcast live at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.<br><br>"GameDay" last visited Clemson on Oct. 21, 2006. It was the first and only time the Tigers hosted the show.<br><br>One new addition to ESPN's broadcast is that "GameDay" will expand to four hours for the opening weekend. The show will begin airing on ESPN at 9 a.m. ET and will run until 1 p.m. ET. The college football pregame show also plans to air for three hours (9 a.m. -- noon ET) each Saturday after Week 1.<br><br>This game will display two of the country's top offenses. Clemson finished the 2012 season ranked ninth nationally in total offense (512.7 yards per game), while the Bulldogs finished 22nd (467.7). Record-breaking quarterbacks Tajh Boyd and Aaron Murray return for a year in which both are considered early Heisman Trophy candidates.
Tags:Clemson Tigers, ACC, SEC, Georgia Bulldogs, Tajh Boyd, Aaron Murray

"College Football Live" and its Summer Tour stops in Clemson today. Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit, David Pollack and Joey Galloway will be in Clemson today checking in on Dabo Swinney, Tajh Boyd and Co. Catch them throughout the day on "SportsCenter" and on CFB Live at 5 p.m. ET on ESPNU.
Alex Amidon is now a leader at BC, Michael Vega writes in the Boston Globe.
Clemson's young tight ends are coming along, Brandon Rink writes on
Duke is looking ahead to a better November, Laura Keeley writes in the Raleigh News Observer.
The Orlando Sentinel's Coley Harvey looks at 10 questions FSU must answer this month.
Georgia Tech offensive tackle Nick Brigham received a hardship waiver from the NCAA that will allow him to play immediately after transferring from Maryland, Ken Sugiura writes in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Randy Edsall quickly quelled QB questions Monday, saying that C.J. Brown is Maryland's starter, Alex Prewitt writes in the Washington Post.
Miami end Anthony Chickillo missed practice Monday with a turned ankle, Matt Porter writes in the Palm Beach Post.
North Carolina junior linebacker Travis Hughes faces a Sept. 24 court date in Durham County on a misdemeanor drug paraphernalia possession charge, Andrew Carter writes in the Raleigh News Observer.
Could a favorable ACC schedule help Dave Doeren in Year 1 at NC State?
Shaping a young roster is Paul Chryst's main concern with Pitt practices underway, Jerry DiPaola writes in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Awesome to see the Panthers named their practice fields after Beano Cook.
Scott Shafer says nothing is set in stone when it comes to Syracuse's practice schedule this month, Nate Mink writes in the (Syracuse) Post-Standard.
The (Newport) Daily Press' David Teel says that Jake McGee is ready to become a complete tight end at Virginia.
Virginia Tech freshman Kendall Fuller will get a big role at nickelback, Andy Bitter writes in the Roanoke Times.
Jim Grobe got Cory Helms' feet wet early by introducing the Wake Forest center to Nikita Whitlock, Dan Collins writes in the Winston-Salem Journal.
Here s the truth: Not a lot was gleaned from ACC media days this year. The headlines were tame (unless your name is Doug Rhoads), and the tweets civil. In the big picture, though, here s what we came away with after two days at the ACC Football Kickoff in Greensboro, N.C.:<br><br>1. Clemson is the undisputed heavyweight -- at least for now. For all of the talk about how the Clemson-Florida State game is going to determine this year s championship game winner, the votes indicated the Tigers should head into it as the overwhelming favorite. Clemson received 95 votes as this [url=]Ferragamo Men's Shoes[/url] year s preseason favorite to win the ACC, while Florida State received just 15. You better believe the game will be much closer than that, but Clemson received 102 first-place votes in the Atlantic Division while FSU -- the defending ACC champ -- got 18. Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd also received 105 of 120 votes for the ACC s preseason player of the year. The Tigers are shouldering the same kind of expectations FSU was last year.<br><br>2. Miami s potential is a story again. Al Golden was actually talking about his football team more than the NCAA. How refreshing. In what should be another cluttered Coastal Division race, Miami received 65 first-place votes to win the division. That s a pretty significant vote of confidence considering the rest of the division should be better than it was a year ago, but nobody returns more starters than the Canes, and they have arguably the best quarterback, so it wasn t surprising. Never mind that we still don t know if Miami will even be eligible to win the division, but it s hard to believe that after two years of self-imposed postseason bans it won t.<br><br>3. The ACC is stronger than ever. That was commissioner John Swofford s message in his forum on Sunday afternoon, and he had plenty of talking points to back it up. Swofford mentioned the partial membership of Notre Dame, the extended partnership with the Orange Bowl, the new and improved bowl lineup, the addition of Louisville and the grant of rights when he spoke about the stability of the conference moving forward. A television network continues to be a possibility, but it is still two to three years away from becoming a reality, if that s what happens.<br><br>4. Virginia Tech is expected to be better. After what was the worst season in 20 years, those within the program are adamant this year will be better, and the media seems to think so, too. The Hokies were picked to finish second in the Coastal Division behind Miami, and embattled quarterback Logan Thomas even got three votes as the ACC s player of the year. Coach Frank Beamer made sweeping changes to his offensive staff, hiring a new offensive coordinator, new offensive line coach and receivers coach, and Thomas said first-year coordinator Scot Loeffler has already made a difference. Regardless of what happens in the season-opener against Alabama, Virginia Tech is expected to prove last year was an anomaly in the conference race.<br><br>5. Pitt and Syracuse blend right in. The coaches and players all seemed to be a good fit in the ACC, getting along well with each other at the ACC Football Kickoff. Their mere presence at media day was a difference, and the overall crowd seemed bigger in part because of their media contingents, but overall their interview sessions were just like everyone else s, and they joined the crowded no-man s land in the preseason predictions. Syracuse was picked to finish sixth and Pitt was voted fifth in the Coastal Division.
Tags:Virginia Tech Hokies, Clemson Tigers, Florida State Seminoles, Coastal Division, Atlantic Division, Miami Hurricanes, ACC, Pittsburgh Panthers, Syracuse Orange, Florida State, Miami (FL) Hurricanes, Frank Beamer, Logan Thomas, Tajh Boyd, John Swofford, Scot Loeffer, 2013 ACC media days

Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd, the reigning ACC Player of the Year and preseason Player of the Year, leads the 2013 Preseason All-ACC Football Team announced on Wednesday.<br><br>Boyd, who enters his senior season with 8,053 career passing yards and 73 career touchdown passes, was the overwhelming choice at quarterback in voting by media at the 2013 ACC Football Kickoff, held this week at Greensboro s Grandover Resort.<br><br>Boyd is one of three Clemson players on the 25-member team. Florida State led all schools with six players, and North Carolina had four. Duke, Miami and Wake Forest followed with two selections each, while Boston College, Georgia Tech Maryland, Pittsburgh, Virginia and Virginia Tech each placed one player on the team.<br><br>Here is the full team:<br><br>OFFENSE<br><br>WR Sammy Watkins, CL (57) 6-1 205 Jr. Fort Myers, Fla.<br><br>WR Michael Campanaro, WF (20) 5-11 190 Sr. Clarksville, Md.<br><br>TE Eric Ebron, UNC (35) 6-4 245 Jr. Greensboro, N.C.<br><br>T James Hurst, UNC (37) 6-7 305 Sr. Plainfield, Ind.<br><br>T Morgan Moses, UVa (35) 6-6 325 Sr. Richmond, Va.<br><br>G Tre' Jackson, FSU (46) 6-4 330 Jr. Jesuup, Ga.<br><br>G Brandon Linder, UM (28) 6-6 317 Sr. Southwest Ranches, Fla.<br><br>C Bryan Stork, FSU (29) 6-4 298 Sr. Vero Beach, Fla.<br><br>QB Tajh Boyd, CL (59) 6-1 225 Sr. Hampton, Va.<br><br>RB Duke Johnson, UM (58) 5-9 194 So. Miami, Fla.<br><br>RB James Wilder Jr., FSU (23) 6-2 229 Jr. Tampa, Fla.<br><br>DEFENSE<br><br>DE Jeremiah Attaochu, GT (39) 6-3 242 Sr. Washington, D.C.<br><br>DE Kareem Martin, UNC (37) 6-6 265 Sr. Roanoke Rapids, N.C.<br><br>DT Nikita Whitlock, WF (35) 5-11 250 Sr. Wylie, Texas<br><br>DT Timmy Jernigan, FSU (34) 6-2 294 Jr. Lake City, Fla.<br><br>LB Jack Tyler, VT (42) 6-1 236 Sr. Oakton, Va.<br><br>LB Christian Jones, FSU (38) 6-4 232 Sr. Winter Park, Fla.<br><br>LB Kevin Pierre-Louis, BC (21) 6-1 215 Sr. Norwalk, Conn.<br><br>CB Ross Cockrell, DU (48) 6-0 180 Sr. Waxhaw, N.C.<br><br>CB Lamarcus Joyner, FSU (32) * 5-8 190 Sr. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.<br><br>S Tre Boston, UNC (30) 6-1 205 Sr. Ft. Myers, Fla.<br><br>S Jason Hendricks, PITT (18) 6-0 180 Sr. Brooklyn, N.Y.<br><br>SPECIALISTS<br><br>PK Chandler Catanzaro, CL (41) 6-2 195 Gr. Greenville, S.C.<br><br>P Will Monday, DU (41) 6-4 210 So. Flowery Branch, Ga.<br><br>SP Stefon Diggs, MD (34) 6-1 185 So. Gaithersburg, Md.<br><br>* FSU's Joyner also received 11 votes at the safety position
Tags:Boston College Eagles, Duke Blue Devils, Virginia Tech Hokies, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, North Carolina Tar Heels, Clemson Tigers, Florida State Seminoles, North Carolina State Wolfpack, Maryland Terrapins, Virginia Cavaliers, Wake Forest Demon Deacons, Miami Hurricanes, ACC, Pittsburgh Panthers, Syracuse Orange, Florida State, Miami (FL) Hurricanes, Tajh Boyd, Morgan Moses, Lamarcus Joyner, Christian Jones, Jeremiah Attaochu, James Hurst, Kevin Pierre-Louis, Ross Cockrell, Nikita Whitlock, Chandler Catanzaro, James Wilder Jr., Kareem Martin, Tre Boston, Jack Tyler, Bryan Stork, Brandon Linder, Michael Campanaro, Sammy Watkins, Tre' Jackson, Timmy Jernigan, Stefon Diggs, Duke Johnson, Eric Ebron, Will Monday, Jason Hendricks

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd said Sunday that he is not afraid of South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.<br><br>[+] EnlargeDaniel Shirey/USA TODAY SportsClemson's Tajh Boyd wants it to be clear that he does not fear
South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.Add Bryn Renner to the "not scared" list, too.<br><br>Of course, both of those guys are friends with Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas, who doesn't even play South Carolina this year, but added, "I'd imagine that nobody's afraid of anybody."<br><br>Just so there's no confusion.<br><br>"No, I'm not afraid of anybody, honestly, Boyd said. It's never been in my nature, never been in my character. I'm a competitor. I'm going to compete against whoever wants to compete. And it'll all take care of itself in due time."<br><br>Renner gets to see Clowney first, as the Tar Heels open the season Aug. 29 at South Carolina, and Renner sounded far more in awe of his first opponent than fearful. Renner called Clowney one of the most natural athletes he has seen play -- and Renner has seen plenty of his first opponent: He has watched every game South Carolina played last year.<br><br> He s phenomenal on tape, Renner said. There s no player I can compare him to as far as who I ve played against or seen on film. He s the best player in the country for a reason. In order to get better, you ve got to play against better opponents and better players. That s the mindset our team has. We re looking forward to the opportunity. <br><br>So is Boyd, who has yet to beat South Carolina.<br><br>"He's a really good player -- one of the better defensive players in the country, Boyd said. I respect the way he plays, I respect his game. It'll be fun. We're looking forward to playing those guys down at their place. It'll be a fun one."
Tags:North Carolina Tar Heels, Clemson Tigers, ACC, South Carolina Gamecocks, Tajh Boyd, Bryn Renner, Jadeveon Clowney, 2013 ACC media days

Summer ends here and the season unofficially begins in the ACC blog. Andrea Adelson and I are flying to Greensboro, N.C. on Saturday night for the ACC Football Kickoff, where we ll spend two days interviewing players and coaches. For the past two weeks, we ve been counting down the biggest storylines to the season. The conference-wide question this year hails from Death Valley, where we are wondering if the Tigers can carry the banner for the ACC this fall.<br><br>No. 1: Can Clemson win a national title?<br><br>It s been a long time since expectations were so high at Clemson, and certainly the highest they ve been under coach Dabo Swinney. Much of it has to do with three key components: The return of offensive coordinator Chad Morris, Heisman hopeful quarterback Tajh Boyd, and standout receiver Sammy Watkins. With four starters returning on the offensive line, Clemson should again be putting up eye-popping numbers, but will the defensive line be able to stop anyone? You can t spell Doubt without the Tigers D, and it s the biggest reason to hesitate when deeming Clemson national championship material. It should be better, though, in the second season under Brent Venables. It has to be elite, though, to handle the gauntlet that includes Georgia, Florida State and South Carolina. The good news is that nobody should be questioning Clemson s schedule strength. The bad news? The Tigers have to be even stronger to survive it.<br><br>The countdown:<br>
No. 10: Can Duke get back to a bowl game?
No. 9: Can UNC earn a real ring?
No. 8: How will the new quarterbacks fare?
No. 7: Can the ACC match its off-field success on the field this fall?
No. 6: How will Pitt and Cuse factor into the race?
No. 5: How will three new head coaches fare?
No. 4: What is happening at Miami?
No. 3: Will Virginia Tech rebound?
No. 2: Can Florida State reload?
Heather Dinich
Dinich covered ACC and Big Ten football for five seasons before joining in November 2007. She's an Indiana grad but somehow her favorite day of the week is Saturday.
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Andrea Adelson
Adelson joined in 2010 after spending time as a college football columnist at The Orlando Sentinel. She has covered college football since her days as a University of Florida student, and lives in Orlando, Fla.
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